Sharing Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations

Twilight Fanfiction ~ Featured Contests



Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2008

Sexy Edward Contest 2008



Age Of Edward Contest 2009

Anything Goes Under The Mistletoe Contest 2009

Broken Holiday Record Contest 2009

Darkward Vampfic Contest 2009

DILF Contest 2009

For My Valentine Contest 2009

I Love 80’s Music O/S Contest 2009

In The Dark Contest 2009

Indie First Time Writers Challenge 2009

Love Through Lemons Contest 2009

Mentalward Contest 2009

Parkaward Contest 2009

Summer Of Smut Contest 2009

Tattward & Inkella Contest 2009

The Last Minute Holiday Fun Times Contest 2009

When Love Was New Contest 2009

Write What You Know Contest 2009



A Picture Says It All Contest 2010

Age Of Edward Contest 2010

All You Need Is Love Contest 2010

An Officer And A Gentleman Contest 2010

AwkWard Contest 2010

Baby It’s Cold Outside O/S Contest 2010

Beautiful Edward Challenge 2010

Beyond The Pale Contest 2010

Black Balloon Contest 2010

Digital Get Down Contest 2010

Enchantments O/S Contest 2010

FML Contest 2010

For My Valentine Contest 2010

Forbidden Lemon Contest 2010

Fun With Your Clothes On O/S Contest 2010

Gotta Love A Man In Uniform Contest 2010

I’m With The Band O/S Contest 2010

Killing Me Softly O/S Contest 2010

Love Lost Contest 2010

Men At Work Contest 2010

Musical Cues O/S Contest 2010

Naughty or Nice Holiday Contest 2010

Office Romance Challenge 2010

One Shot Soundtrack Contest 2010

Pick A Pic Challenge 2010

Public Lovin’ Contest 2010

Texts From Last Night Contest 2010

The Cherry Exchange Contest 2010

Through The Lens Contest 2010

‘Til Death Do Us Part Contest 2010

Twific Auto Erotica Challenge 2010



80’s Power Ballad Contest 2011

A Love Like Fire Contest 2011

Another ‘Ward’ On The Barbie Contest 2011

Beautiful Bellies Contest 2011

Behind The Lyrics Contest 2011

Boys On Boards Contest 2011

Curvaceous and Bodacious Contest 2011

Let The Games Begin Contest 2011

Like Totally 80’s Contest 2011

Love Is In The Air Contest 2011

Lyrics and Lemons Contest 2011

Missed Connections Contest 2011

Pick A Pic Challenge 2011

Pick Your Own Adventure Contest 2011

PostSecret Prompt Contest 2011

School’s Out For Summer Contest 2011

Season Of Our Discontent Contest 2011

The Jukebox O/S Anonymous Contest 2011

Trying For A Baby Contest 2011

Twilight of Craigslist O/S Contest 2011

What Rocks My World Contest 2011



Age Of Edward Contest 2012

Driven To Desire Challenge 2012

Fic This Gif Contest 2012

Going For The Gold Contest 2012

Pick A Pic Challenge 2012

Pop The Question Contest 2012

Public Lovin’ Contest 2012

Season Of Our Discontent Contest 2012

Show Me Your Patriotism Contest 2012

Taste Of The Forbidden Contest 2012

Truly Anonymous Twilight O/S Picture Prompt Contest 2012



Age Of Edward Contest 2013

Angst Contest 2013

Deep South Contest 2013

Dior Rob Contest 2013

Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest 2013

Friends To Lovers Contest 2013

Happily Ever After TwiFic Contest 2013

Ho Hey Contest 2013

LDA Anonymous Twific Contest 2013

Light The Darkness Contest 2013

Lyrics To Life Contest 2013

Make Me Laugh Contest 2013

Mine To Mark Contest 2013

Smells Like Metallic Roses 90s TwiFic Contest 2013

Taste Of The Forbidden II Contest 2013

The Heart Of Country Contest 2013

Twi-Fic Text Message LOL Contest 2013



Bad Boys Of Twilight Contest 2014

Bandward Contest 2014

Beneath The Mistletoe Contest 2014

Doctorward Contest 2014

Get Your Southern On Contest 2014

Texts From Last Night Contest 2014

The Ruggeddom Contest 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins Twific Contest 2014

Wonkyward Contest 2014



Age Of Edward Contest 2015

Caveat Emptor: Maybe An HEA? Contest 2015

May To December Romance Contest 2015

Meet The Mate Contest 2015

Red Eyed Edward Contest 2015

Tricks and Treats Contest 2015



Anything Goes TwiFic Contest 2016

Cheaters Contest 2016

Control, Possess, Seduce Contest 2016

Falling Into Autumn Contest 2016

Get Your Southern On Contest 2016

Jingle All The Way Contest 2016

P.S. I Love You Contest 2016

Straight Thru The Heart Contest 2016

Twilight Diversity Contest 2016



Age Of Edward Contest 2017

Beyond The Bedroom Contest 2017

Biggest Dick Ever Contest 2017

Carlisle, Uncovered Contest 2017

Naughty or Nice Contest 2017

We Love Mobward Contest 2017



Bad Ass Babes Contest 2018

Forbidden Fruit Contest 2018

Jingle All The Way Contest 2018

Midnight Delight NYE Contest 2018

Pick-A-Prompt Contest 2018

Revenge Of The Nerds Contest 2018

Secrets And Lies Contest 2018

Song Prompts Contest 2018

Tied Up In You Contest 2018

Twi Non-Canon Contest 2018



Bothered Contest 2019

Commander In Chief Contest 2019

Crime Crusaders Contest 2019

Inked Contest 2019

Tricks and Treats Contest 2019





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