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  1. Hey so I’m looking for a fic that I believe to be about three chapters long. Bella is out for the night in a bar/club with her brother/cousin/friend who I believe was Jasper. Edward happened to be there and knows Jasper from college or work I think. Bella and Edward end up going home together. He’s a a playboy and she “doesn’t really do this kind of thing”. I remember that Edward had a massive box of condoms furthering the playboy storyline, and I’m pretty sure during the night Bella has a bath that he might join her in. So bella leaves the next morning thinking that’s what Edward will want because he has one night stands all the time. But all night Edward was thinking about how he’s gonna change. Jasper warns Bella off Edward because he’s a slut and Bella is sad. Meanwhile Edward is trying to get details from Jasper as to how he can get in touch with Bella but to no avail.
    A few weeks later Bella sees Edward on the street with a bunch of flowers and gets upset that he’s found someone and cries in a park somewhere.
    But in Edward’s POV he’s just gotten Bella’s address and shows up to her door with flowers, where her neighbour hits on him.
    Then Bella comes home to find Edward on her doorstep with the bunch of flowers that she was so upset about earlier.

    Any help would be appreciated!! I feel like a I remember so much from this short fic but have been searching with no luck!


    Comment by Kate Wylie | April 3, 2023 | Reply

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a Caius/Bella fanfiction that was originally on Bella joins the Volturi, first as a human. She begins to have a relationship with Caius but once she finds our about Caius being married, she attempts suicide (from what I can remember). Marcus has a parental bond with Bella in this fic as well.


    Comment by Jada Brown | April 1, 2023 | Reply

  3. Hi I’m looking for a Bella & Edward story. From what I remember the story takes place at a ranch. I think Edward came to work for the ranch. The main part was that alice was kidnap as a child and she was Edward real mom but the cullens gave for adoption. Anyways, there is also an alternative story to it too. Where the Cullen actually kept Edward but grew up not knowing alice was his mom.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by ninahdez | March 29, 2023 | Reply

  4. Hi, looking for an Edward/Bella story. Edward is a soldier and missing. Bella is pregnant or just had a baby (I am not sure) but I know a baby is involved and that she didn’t have time to tell Edward. James is Edward’s friend from the same unit and tries to find him.
    He finds him and brings him home around a holiday, thanksgiving or Christmas. Bella opens the door and sees him. The story also includes his recovery.

    I don’t know how many chapters there were. I know it was finished and I read it years ago, probably before 2019. Any help is appreciated.


    Comment by Ceren Bahar | February 17, 2023 | Reply

  5. I am looking for an older fic that is AH set in college (I believe). Bella works in the library and has a crush on Edward. Edward plays on the baseball team with her cousin, Emmitt. Edward walks through the library in full baseball dress each week. He walks through in his cleats to get her attention and just, so he has a reason to say hello to Bella. I know this isn’t much, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember the name.


    Comment by Jen Ciccocioppo Gooch | January 26, 2023 | Reply

  6. Hi! I’m looking for a fic that is AH- Bella and Edward are together secretly but not because they are embarrassed just because they both want to achieve their goals before they be together properly. Edward moves to NYC to complete med school and his PHD. Bella is either in Florida or stays back home and gets her journalism degree. Whenever they are in the same place they hook up but are very much in love and everyone knows about it but pretends its not happening. They loose touch for awhile and they make up over Christmas and are intimate outside on the porch. Bella once visits Edward in a long trench coat and she’s naked underneath. Edward is in turmoil over their separation and Alice and Jasper have their first baby Amelia and Edward doesn’t get to hold her for 6 weeks and is really upset about it.

    I know some of these are random details but it’s quite a long story with so much angst! I hope someone knows the story and it hasn’t been pulled!


    Comment by eviefaith | January 14, 2023 | Reply

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