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Bellaria by pattyrose (@PattyRosa817) ~ Complete

Summary: It is said that in the high middle ages, and in the midst of an unspeakable betrayal, a young knight made a timeless vow to his beloved wife, Bellaria: “Wait for me. I will find you…as always…for always.”

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August 27, 2017 Posted by | 150K - 250K Words, Alternate Universe, Angst, Brit/Scottishward, Character Death, College, Complete, Completed ~ 2017, Drama, EdwardxBella, Evil Charlie, Evil Jacob, Family,, Forbidden Romance, Foreignward (Non-US), Former Lovers, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), History/Periodward, Hurt/Comfort, Mixed POV, Multi-Chapter, Mystery, Non-Canon, Olderward, Possessiveward, Rated-M, Reincarnation, Reunion, Romance, Sexual Tension, Smut/Lemons, Soldier/Militaryward, Soulmates, Star-Crossed Lovers, Studentward, Supernatural, Suspense, Teacher/Professorella, Time Travel, Tissue Warning, Top Ten Completed Fics - Jul 2017, Tragedy, Vampward, Violence | , , | Leave a comment

Five Times They Never Met by TheFicChick (@TheFicChick) ~ Complete

Summary: In the transition from human to vampire, Edward walks alone over the course of seventy years. Or does he?

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Where can I read this fic?

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May 18, 2014 Posted by | 10K - 50K Words, 3rd Person POV, Alternate Universe, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2013, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family,, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, Rated-M, Reincarnation, Romance, Serendipity, Soulmates, Supernatural, Vampward | , , , | Leave a comment


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