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Jack & Crush by MeteorOnAMoonlessNight ~ Complete

Summary: Shy, reserved Edward has a little too much Jack Daniels after finding his fiancée cheating on him. Waking up the next morning in a strange woman’s bed, he fights the pull he feels for her. Will he realize they’re fated for each other, or will he only focus on their differences?

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February 28, 2017 Posted by | 10K - 50K, All Human, Army Officerward, Artist/Designerella, Bartender/Waitressella, Brokenella, Brokenward, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2017, Daddy/DILFward, Dirty Talking Edward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family,, FictionPad, Friendship, Geek/Shyward, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Mixed POV, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, One Night Stand, Rated-M, Romance, Sexual Tension, Smut/Lemons, Snarkella, Soldier/Militaryward, STARS Library, Sweetward, Tatt/Inkella, Top Ten Completed Fics - Feb 2017, Uniformward | , , | Leave a comment

Nine Days In Dune by Shadow minx ~ Complete

Summary: Three friends became brothers as they fought together on the front lines. But now, separated from their troop, injured, they must fight harder than ever to make it through alive. As they journey through the deadly Dunes, Major Whitlock, Sergeant McCarthy and Private Cullen will learn more about themselves and each other than they ever thought possible.



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October 22, 2016 Posted by | 10K - 50K, 3rd Person POV, All Human, Angst, Army Officerward, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2016, Drama, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, Rated-M, Soldier/Militaryward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Sep 2016, Violence | , | Leave a comment

Cullen Boot Camp by EdwardAteMyPuppy ~ Complete

Summary: “You think this is fun and games Bird? You may be small, but I assure you half of these big mother *%#@ers are healthier than you are.” I wanted to kick him in his shin and lick his face at the same time. Wait, why the hell did he just call me a Bird? –Boot Camp has never been this entertaining. Or sexy.

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August 18, 2016 Posted by | 50K - 100K, All Human, Angst-Free, Army Officerward, Bella's POV, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2016, Dirty Talking Edward, EdwardxBella, Family, Forbidden Romance, Friendship, Gotta Love Emmett, Happily Ever After (HEA), Humour, Jerkward, Journalist/Reporterella, Love/Hate Relationship, Multi-Chapter, Possessiveward, Rated-M, Romance, Secret Relationship, Sexual Tension, Smut/Lemons, Snarkella, Soldier/Militaryward, Sportsward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Jul 2016, Trainer/Instructorward | , , | 1 Comment

Disguised Intentions by ForeverRobsessed (@CullenRobsessed) ~ Complete

Summary: A simple first date turns into the beginning of a journey that will take Isabella Swan on a ride to right the wrongs of her past. A story of friendship, family and love woven into a web of lies and betrayal.

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July 5, 2016 Posted by | 100K - 150K, Abduction, All Human, Angst, Army Officerward, Bella's POV, Canon, Character Death, Complete, Completed ~ 2016, Crime, Deception, Doctorward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Journalist/Reporterella, Medicward, Multi-Chapter, Mystery, Rated-M, Revenge, Romance, Smut/Lemons, Snarkella, Soldier/Militaryward, Sweetward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Jun 2016, Tragedy | , , | Leave a comment

Stolen Dreams by shasta53 (@shasta53) ~ Complete

Summary: Bella and Edward were ready to become parents as seniors in high school, but tragedy ended their dreams and pulled them apart. Ten years later, they reunite, but all is not what it seems.



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May 11, 2016 Posted by | 150K - 250K, Abduction, Adoption, All Human, Angst, Army Officerward, Bella's POV, Break-Up, Brokenella, Canon, Childhood Sweethearts, Complete, Completed ~ 2014, Crime, Daddy/DILFward, Deception, Dirty Talking Edward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Former Lovers, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Miscarriage/Stillbirth, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Reunion, Romance, School Reunion, Smut/Lemons, Soldier/Militaryward, Therapist/Counselorella, Tissue Warning, Tragedy, Uniformward | , , | Leave a comment

Dream or Reality? by ceceprincess1217 (@ceceprincess121) ~ Complete

Summary: Bella’s husband is off to a secret mission to serve his country. Pregnant and heartbroken Bella finds herself in a dream like no other.

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April 26, 2016 Posted by | 50K - 100K, All Human, Angst, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2016, Daddy/DILFward, Dirty Talking Edward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Marineward, Mixed POV, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Olderward, Photographerella, Possessiveward, Rated-M, Reunion, Romance, Smut/Lemons, Soldier/Militaryward, Tattward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Mar 2016, Virginella | , , , | Leave a comment

The Age of Innocence by pattyrose (@PattyRosa817) ~ Complete

Summary: On the eve of the Second World War, young Isabella has been taken from all she knows and is now stepdaughter to one of the richest men in America. Spending her summers in Washington State, she’s unaware that this is where she and a young boy will find their fate, where childhood friendship will mature into the fiercest love: a love that must endure the end of innocence.

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March 31, 2016 Posted by | >250K, Action/Adventure, Air Forceward, All Human, Angst, Brokenward, Canon, Character Death, Childhood Sweethearts, Complete, Completed ~ 2016, Drama, EdwardxBella, Evil Renee, Family, Forbidden Romance, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), History/Periodward, Hurt/Comfort, Mixed POV, Multi-Chapter, Pilotward, Possessiveward, Rated-M, Reunion, Richella, Romance, Secret Relationship, Smut/Lemons, Soldier/Militaryward, Soulmates, Studentella, Studentward, Suspense, Sweetward, Tissue Warning, Top Ten Completed Fics - 2016, Top Ten Completed Fics - Feb 2016, Tragedy, Uniformward, Unrequited Love, Virginella, Virginward | , , | Leave a comment

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