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Secrets & Wishes by CaraNo (@CaraDeeWrites) ~ Complete

Summary: Everyone has secrets, and everyone has wishes. We hope that the latter come true, and secrets…well, we tend to hope they’re never unearthed. When Bella’s son discovers a time capsule in the woods, her graduating class is going to need a lot more than hope. Same applies to her high school teacher, Edward Cullen.

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TwiFanfictionRecs ~ October 2017
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Don’t forget to read the companion O/S ……. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Summary: They’d known each other once. He’d been her English teacher in high school, and the husband of her aunt. Eight years later, Bella just wants to make sure he’s happy, and so she crashes the Christmas party she knows he attends in Seattle every year. She really should go, but…baby, it’s cold outside.

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Where can I read this fic?

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November 5, 2017 - Posted by | 50K - 100K Words, All Human, Angst-Free, Bella's POV, Canon, Cheaterward, Cheating/Infidelity, Christmas/New Year, Companion Fic, Complete, Completed ~ 2017, Daddy/DILFward, Deception, Dirty Talking Edward, Divorceeward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Evil Alice, Family,, Former Lovers, Friendship, Geek/Shyward, Happily Ever After (HEA), High School, Hurt/Comfort, Medicella, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Mystery, Neighbours, Olderward, One Night Stand, One Shot (O/S), Possessiveward, Rated-M, Reunion, Romance, School Reunion, Secret Admirer, Sexual Assault, Sexual Tension, Single Fatherward, Single Momella, Smut/Lemons, Studentella, Teacher/Professorward, Top 10 Completed Fics - Oct 2017, Top 10 Favourite Fic, Vetella, White Collarward | , , , , , ,

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