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The Mystery of El Jardín by MarieCarro ~ Complete

Summary: A group of college students with clashing personalities wins an all-expenses-paid weeklong vacation at a luxury resort in the Caribbean, thinking it will be spent on the beach in the glorious sunshine. However, after landing it becomes very apparent that all is not as it should when the students find themselves alone on the island with only their pilot and one guide. Or are they..?

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TwiFanfictionRecs ~ May 2018
Top 10 Favourite Fic


TwiFic Fandom Awards 2017
Awarded 2nd Place ~ Favorite Undiscovered Gem Fic


Don’t miss Part 2 of the trilogy … The El Jardín Paradox

Summary: The group has been forced to cooperate despite their differences through all the trials the island has thrown at them. Now that one of their own has been taken and they can’t know for certain if he’s still alive or not, they reluctantly have to accept help from the most unexpected source. But can Carlisle Cullen be trusted?

Banner by MarieCarro

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Check out the trilogy finale … El Jardín’s Truth

Summary: Everything has fallen apart. After Alistair’s betrayal and the explosion at MASADA, the group is scattered and more divided than ever. They’re exhausted and drained of energy while seemingly stuck on an island determined to continuously put them in mortal danger. Will they find a way to save the outside world or are they already doomed to fail?

Banner by MarieCarro

Where can I read this fic?


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