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10 Reasons to Hate Jacob and Love Edward by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch   
10 Steps to Buying a Christmas Gift for Your Vampire
by opal aline   

10 Things by S.Flibbertigibbet
10 Things About Twilight Fanfiction by GrangerDanger112   
10 Ways to Annoy Rosalie Hale by thefruitsofmysoul aka dromedatonks
10 Ways to Know You Are Tracked by James and Vicky by wolverinacullen
100 Days by openlystaind
100 Monkeys by ARenee363   
100 Years of Solitude – Okay, Maybe Just 5 by yay4shanghai
101 Reasons by The Romanticidal Edwardian
11 de Marzo by XxBloodyredrosexX aka JaeHee09
118 Ways To Annoy Edward Cullen by xxAnimeWolfxx   
12 21 12
by Dani Navy
by hopeful wager

12 Days of Twilight by xXLittlexMelanieXx
12 Weeks by shutupgreenberg
13th of the Month by me-love-edward
15 Items or Less by cutestkidsmom   
15 Step by Blue-Winter-Angel
1929 by deb24601
1942 by Aniseed
1982 by winterstale
2 AM by lost in a musical daydream   
2 Days Later by alicesunmentionedsister
2 Plus 2 by WardenAmyBee aka IcantBEEhave
2 Weeks In Detention by dreamer1901 aka bemyjohn
20 Ways To Annoy Edward Cullen by lilmizzkkcullen
by clpsuperstar

25 Days with Mr Arrogant by ilies mides
25 Reasons You’re Not Her by mewlingquimlover aka pmu
3 Simple Words by Toodles18
30 Days of Darkness by mkystich  
365 Days by kitkat10168
3Guys1Girl by beatlerosie aka Ro Nordmann
4 Books by ABC1235
4×4 by aStubbornRose aka a-stubborn-rose
40 Ways To Annoy Jacob Black by DaniPeace
450 Years Later by Lovewriting12345
47 ways how to annoy Alice Cullen list edition by I’ve got cookies
50 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Edward Cullen by ViValix96
50 Things I Will Not Do In Volterra by H. K. Rissing
50 Ways by quietdrabble
50 Ways To Annoy Alice Cullen by DaniPeace
50 Ways To Annoy Edward Cullen by Desepere Romantique
51 Things Emmett Cullen Must Not Do by KrazeeeeeeeKatieeeeeeeee
57th Annual Cullen Christmas Gift Swap by idealskeptic
6 Decades in Volterra by god-damn-sam
6 Degrees of Separation
by Saewod

6 Kids Kidnapped by felicia2235
6 Times the Cullens Told the Truth about Vampires by dress without sleeves aka deews
7 Crimes by imusic247
7 Deadly Cyns by EtrnlPsyche aka Etrnl
8 Easy Steps by Angel Stories
8 Hours by my-beautiful-decay aka DecayMIA
8 Seconds to Win by speklez 
80th and West by
86 Elephants on Unicycles by spunkransom12345
9 1 1 by black wolf is cole
99 Problems by Benny Jude Road


A Banshee’s Tale by Ladyeire3 aka Ladyeire72 
A Beach Wedding
by Talipatra aka Wooden Tulips

A Beautiful Disaster by dariachenowith 
A Beautiful Ending by diddidoddi787
A Beautiful Lie by Mrs. Nina Cullen
A Beautiful Lie by TrulyShadowKissed
A Big Oopsie by Major-Fire-Blaze
A Birth by DS-Retired456 aka Delectable Sweetness
A Birthday to Rember by CrissColfer’s Land Of Stories aka FearlessBarson1116
A Bitter Cold
by LovinRob   

A Blast From the Past by OMG no way911
A Blessing in Disguise by YesILoveMyHorse aka You’reMyKindOfTrouble
A Blooming Rose by Miki Mouse in Blue Jeans
A Bold Move by iluvmormonvampires
A Broken Peace by Smile Life Away
A Broken Promise by Twilightholic-Tanya
A Brunette Walks Into A Bar
by snshyne

A Burning Love by BBSapphire24 aka Goneforever8888
A Certain Step Towards Falling in Love
by lamiapoeta

A Change In Direction by Jayeliwood
A Change In Perspective by DarkAngel443 aka Sarcastasaurus
A Change of Plans by DS-Retired456 aka Delectable Sweetness
A Christmas Tale by NikkiB1973
A Christmas to Remember by LadyofSpain
A Christmas Theory by DivineInspiration
A Christmas Wish by Jan319
A Cold, White Christmas by EdwardsBloodType
A Collision of Crushes by hunterhunting
A Complete 180 by Dani Navy
A Cowboy’s One Night Stand by BBSapphire24 aka Goneforever8888
A Cure for a Tragedy by Zaidita
A Cute Little Lion by actualjohnlocktrash aka EternallyBellaCullen aka otterintimeandspace
A Daddy’s Love by rockersXdream
A Dangerous Game by Instead of Reality
A Day in La Push by Genim Stilinski
A Day In The Life Of Emmett McCarty by AlwaysMoreFun
A Debt Repaid by Nyddi 
A Description of a Vampire by cheesedtomeetyou
A Desperate Housewife’s Escape by SweetLovinCullen
A Different Eclipse by StoriesOfMyLife96 aka SmackersPink
A Different Kind of Pain by SparklingWand 
A Different Kind Of Sorrow by PsychoMystery
A Different Life by NikkiB1973
A Different World by Phantom Of FFN
A Downright Disgrace by velvetglo
A Dream Come True by twilightcullen21
A Dream For The Taking by SunshineGal3
A Dream Saved Me by I-Was-Here2345 aka lashunda.martin.3
A Dry Heat by LovinRob   
A Fall From Grace by IlluminatedM aka Maddymomo
A Fallen Angel – The Story Of Emmett McCarty by Charlotte -LOVE
A Falling Country by rosaliexxxemmettlover
A Family by FanFicChikk
A Father by Emily31594
A Fedora, Stockings and Edward by LaurieLou
A Few Too Many by caligynamelie aka sburbiangodtier
A Fight by SextMeDinousaurs aka Renesmeelover12
A Fight for Love by mighty364
A First Time For Everything by luckybear101
A Forbidden Love by TwiLoverSue 
A Four Letter Word by teamedwardalways   
A Gift by Skeezon
A Gift for Jacob by LadyofSpain
A Girl by Roxa Cullen Hale
A Glimpse Into Heaven by Minerva77
A Good Year by 107yearoldvirgin
A Guy Thing by KatasaurusRex aka KatastrophicKat
A Hale Story by AliceMaryHale 1 by OroroCullen
A Hale Story by ChristianAaronHale 1 by OroroCullen
A Hale Story by ChristianAaronHale 2 by OroroCullen
A Hale Story by JasperMonroeHale by OroroCullen
A Hale Story by LyshiaJoHale 1 by OroroCullen
A Hale Story by MarkielaEsmeHale 1 by OroroCullen
A Hale Story by MarkielaEsmeHale 2 by OroroCullen
A Heart’s Desperate Cry by TheSnowWhiteRose aka Peyton-Marie-James
A House of Cards by DefinatelyStaying 
A Hybrid and Her Mate by MyBrownHairedGirl
A Hybrid Rose by MissPollyDoodle
A Itch I Had To by WhoaJoanna
A Jalice Fanfiction – Their Wedding by Jadelynn2309
A Kingdom for a Kiss by carolinainthesky
A La Carte by snshyne
A Learning Experience by Vintage Ace
A Letter from Edward Cullen by VeryColdAir
A Life Unplanned by savannavansmutsmut    
A Lifetime Full of ‘I Love You’s by TheSingingGirl
A Lifetime of You by sweettooth7
A Little Bit Of Crazy by abronzeflame
A Little Crazy by LolaShoes and tby789 
A Little Crush by aka Micah’s Moonbeam
A Little Friendly Competition by imma vampire
A Little Jingle by LadyofSpain
A Long Time Coming by IThinkINeededThat
A Love In Control by lizzylillyrose
A Love Like This by OliviaMK1218 
A Love Worth Everything by lizzylillyrose
A Lucky Connection by TotalTwilightAddict aka neveragain4evernow
A Marriage of Honor by Cullen McCrazy
A Masen Masquerade by IrishTwiFicster
A Matter of Convenience by spotzle
A Matter of Matrimony by IrishTwiFicster
A Matter of Trust by quietruby 
A Moment Too Late by Jayeliwood
A Multitude of Sins by lvtwilight09 
A Mzungu Oasis by lisa89
A New Chance by headbandfreak
A New World by CIlove aka Ingvild-S
A Partial View by antiaol
A Phase or Eternity by BellaScotia
A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22   
A Promise Kept by Cullen312
A Quiet Fire by Magnolia822   
A Rebel’s Love by jaxon22
A Royal Bun in the Oven by mistresselektra
A Smaller God by Adair7
A Sorta Fairytale by TEAMxCHARLIE
A Start To Forever by LittleMissInnocence
A Tale of Four Edwards and Daniel by snshyne
A Tale of Two Friends by Talipatra aka Wooden Tulips
A Tale of Two Naples by snshyne   
A Thousand Years Ago by ReddTwilight
A Very Bratty Undertaking by IThinkINeededThat
A Walk Through Hell by mistresselektra
A War of Cynics by greeen goldfish
Abduction by peachylicious aka peaches53091
Abductor by peachylicious aka peaches53091
Accidently by 184     
Ace by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Achluophobia by LittleMissInnocence
Across the Airwaves by Isabel0329
Across the Hall by zephyersky 
Acting on Faith by oceanwaters2006
Add It Up by Lion in the Land 
Addicted by lizzylillyrose   
Addictive Lunacy by Nyddi 
Adult Video of 167th St by eye ree
Afraid To Dance by Shannon Carr
Against All Odds by twilightcrazy 
Against The Metal by Rosalee Lorraine
Aha Shake by TeamBella23   
Ain’t Saying Uncle by IThinkINeededThat
All Aboard by TKegl
All Alone On Valentine’s Day by Lani aka Bubbles
All At Once by grown.ass.woman
All At Once by stella luna sky
All Bets Are Off by lambcullen
All Cried Out by Hannah81 
All Falls Down by AydenMorgen 
All Grown Up by Saewod 
All I Ever Knew by manyafandom
All I Ever Wanted by manyafandom
All I Want For Christmas by sunflowersongs
All I Want For Christmas Is You by 107yearoldvirgin
All or Nothing by SunshineGal3
All That You Leave Behind by Purpledragonfly74
All The Ingredients For A Good Day by echoesoftwilight
All The President’s Men by Shahula   

All The Right Reasons by Eevy Angel
All The Time In The World by hidingfromsomeone
All Your Fault by ReddTwilight
Alton House by velvetglo
Always and Forever by cutestkidsmom   
Amie by headbandfreak
An Acquired Taste by Magnolia822   
An Angel Closes Her Eyes by tg10781
An Education by CarrieCee
An Encounter In Paris by Talipatra aka Wooden Tulips
An Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful by belladonna1472
An Equinox Occurs If Bella Never Moved To Forks by -Future.Mrs.Katie.Pattinson-
An Interlude by newlovenewhate
An Ocean Apart by snshyne   
And With Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain   
Animate Me by abstract way   
Anonymous Lover by Jen733 aka JenGreen03 aka GreenEyedGirl17
Answering Bell by ilsuocantante
Anti-Establishment Anarchy by hunterhunting
Anything Can Happen by 21peach
Appassionata by lisa89
Apples and Oranges by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Arguement by Jayeliwood
Arranged by EdwardsBloodType
Arrangement by QuantumFizzx 
Arresting Developments by In Love With A Crooked Smile   
As I Serve, As You Love by luvrofink
As It Unfolds by stavanger1
Ashes to Ashes by Sebastien Robichaud
Assumptions by Discordia81 
At First Sight by SunshineGal3
At Her Mercy by shadowed by passion
At His Command … by 4everinbluejeans2317
At What Cost? by Artemis Leaena   
Atlas Shrugged by delusionalimperialist aka Jeesiechreesie
Aye, Aye Captain by Freesias and Strawberries


Baby, Be A Good Girl by luvrofink
Baby, It’s Cold Outside
by chocaholic123   
Baby Mama by vampirelove345
Baby Steps by jaxon22
Baby You’re The One by -XCarlie.CullenX-
Backdraft by bronzehairedgirl620
Bad News Bella by 107yearoldvirgin
Bad Press by HappyWanderer
Bad Teddy Bear by Jayeliwood
Battle Hymns by chels926 
Be My Girl by Lani aka Bubbles
Beaches and Boardwalks by jaxon22
Bear Creek Road by Jonesn   
Beautiful In The Sunlight by Jayeliwood
Beautiful Monster by maxipoo1024
Beautiful Nightmare by Simone and Marie
Because of a Boy – An Easter Short by cutestkidsmom
Becoming Jessica Rabbit by creampuffsteph aka 4theluvofmary
Beet Heart Lullaby by RacketGhost
Before The Lunar Eclipse by Jayeliwood
Behind Closed Doors by snshyne
Behind Enemy Lines by adorablecullens 
Behind the Clouds by echoesoftwilight
Behind These Eyes, Within This Voice by 17Paramore Brand New Eyes17
Bella and Carlisle in the Study with the Orgasm by ninapolitan
Bella and the Bachelor by Duessa
Bella and the Billionaire by nashstheory
Bella Swan, This Is Your Life by snshyne
Bella’s Lament by Tat2missy 
Bella’s Life by _JacobBlacksBitch_
Bella’s Secret by Cullen818 
Bello Jello by Lustralex
Beneath the Loquat Tree by 107yearoldvirgin
Best of Both Worlds by owenic
Betrayed Until You by ADADancer
Better Luck Next Time by Emotion Masen
Better Than Pie by savannavansmutsmut   
Between Heaven and Hell by owenic
Between Ordinary and Extraordinary by BellaScotia
Between Pleasure and Pain by sadtomato   
Beyond the Seventh Circle by Amelie Gray
Beyond Twilight by OliviaMK1218 
Bittersweet by Jasper1863Hale  
Black and White by vixen1836 
Black Blood by Adoration of an Enigma
Black Horizon by Megsly aka angelicwish
Black Keys by CozItRunsInMyBlood 
Blame it on Rio by DoUTrustMe
Blast From My Past by luvrofink
Blind by Jayeliwood
Blood Pops by Jayeliwood
Bloodletting by queenofgrey
Bloodline by Ooohlalaaa
Bloodlust by SunshineGal3
Blow Me Away by Deavlynn aka TwilightDarkness82 
Blue Dress by algonquinrt
Blue Tiffany Box by 21peach
Blueberries & Copper Wire by hmonster4
Body Switching with Isabella Swan by AlderaanGaming aka MrsAlderaan
Born To Be Mine by hidingfromsomeone
Boundless by emibella
Bounty by Skeezon 
Boxing The Compass by Megsly aka angelicwish
Boycotts & Barflies by vjgm 
Breach by Catastrophia   
Breakfast in Bed and Eggnon by Jayeliwood
Breaking by Hopeforastalemate
Breaking the Chains by ItHappened
Breathe by JessiCullen92
Breathe by luna rayna 
Breathing Again by hazeleyes71790 aka heylittlelovely 
Breathless: A Twilight Fanfic by afraidtochange
Bridge Over Troubled Water by IwantaWerewolfForMyself
Bring Me To Life by Lindseyfair 
Bring the Handcuffs or Frisky Frisking Edward by 4theluvofmary aka creampuffsteph
Bring You Back by Adair7
Bringing Bella Home by counselor   
Broken by Adoration of an Enigma
Broken Glass Slipper by cherry.blossomz
Broken Hearted Man by Cullen312
Broken Records by 4kitty101 aka 4k101
Brown Eyes by Minealoneedward
Building Hope by shellshock81   
Bump and Grind by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Buried Amongst The Begonias by DurtyNelly
Bustin’ Ghosts and Knockin’ Boots by TKegl
By Your Leave by Jonesn aka jonesn353402   


C-5-6 by ss10
C’est La Vie by busybrie
Cabin Kisses by aej325
Caged by Savage7289 
California Waiting by TeamBella23
Call Me Miss by lizzylillyrose
Call My Tony by walkingwithgiants
Camouflage by SydneyAlice
Camp Archstone: Facility for Troubled Youth by Dani Navy 
Can You Hear Me by Jasper1863Hale 
Can You Keep A Secret? by 0-Paradox-0
Captive by Totteacher   
Carlie’s Eyes by PrettyKittyArtist
Carlisle Cullen: My Future Father-In-Law by Befham
Casual Friday’s by BulletproofBabe
Cat o’ Nine Tails by boobookitty 
Catalyst by bronzehairedgirl620
Catch and Release by Wickedcicada
Catch Me by Twiddler83
Catch of the Day by cherry.blossomz
Catching Spiders by lambcullen
Centrefold by lizzylillyrose
Cerulean and Steel by TKegl
Challenge Me, Save Me by -XCarlie.CullenX-
by themissmod 

Change of Pace by zoe harris
Charmer by TeamBella23
Chasing Fire by owenic
Chasing Victory by mpg   
Children of the Shadowlands by rpgirl27
Chop and Change by Krazyk85   
Chopping and Changing by Krazyk85   
Christmas Magic by JenRar   
Christmas Soup by cutestkidsmom
Christmas Stalkings by quietruby   
Christmas Traditions by snshyne
Christmas With The Cullens by ReddTwilight
Claddagh and Chaos by mathisson   
Claiming Victory by mpg   
Clallam by Jonesn   
Click & Strum by Bratty-Vamp
Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting 
Clockwork by Derdriu oFaolain
Closer by 1s2a3r4a5h
Closer by TeamBella23 
Closing the Deal by antiaol
Club Erotica by clpsuperstar
Cocktails & Dreams by whynot aka fatallyobsessed 
Coffee, Trees and Me by suzie55 
Coffins For The Living by 0-Paradox-0
Cognitive Dissonance by ink and ashes aka 720suicide aka sdkjfskjdfhkaj
Coldwater Summer by LeahTheWeary
Collateral Damage by shadowed by passion   
Color of Loneliness by ExquisiteEdward 
Colorblind by Bee1982 
Coming Of Age by luvrofink
Coming Through The Rye by Mac214
Committed To Memory by Krismom
Community Service by DefinatelyStaying
Community Service by TKegl
Compulsions by MissKingAtYourService
Computer Repair by Jayeliwood   
Confessions by luvrofink
Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa228   
Conflicted by Hank’s Lady 
Consecuencias by Gustariana
Contextual Romance by hopeful wager 
Cooking for Dummies by Nikita2009
Cooking With Fire by In Love With A Crooked Smile   
Cooler Than Me by Twiddler83
Corporate Affairs by chocaholic123   
Cosmo’s and Clueless by DanceFreak22 aka xdancefreakx
Cougar by Skeezon
Counsel by Write Sisters aka FoolForEdward   
Countdown to Christmas 2012: A Lyrical Melody by IThinkINeededThat
Country Boys, Marlboro Reds and Bud Light by Edward’s My Obsession 1971
Courting Achilles by greeen goldfish
Cowboy Boots by Jayeliwood
Cracked by antiaol
Crash by 1Blue25 aka TAFKA1B25
Crashed The Wedding by Shinx1912   
Crave by AydenMorgen 
Craving Kin by ss10
Cravings by TKegl
Crawl by TeamBella23
Crazy About You by EdwardAteMyPuppy

Crime of Passion by Skeezon
Crimson and Clover by SydneyAlice
Crossing The Lines by sheviking   

Crush by Jayeliwood
Crushed Seraphim by Mrs.TheKing 
Cufflinks by lizzylillyrose
Cullen Acres by ayngyl22
Cullen Boot Camp by EdwardAteMyPuppy   
Cullen Princesses by Nikkipedia
Cullen Quad by MsSailorman
Cullen’s Crew by silverblossoms 
Cullen’s Ten by ADADancer
Cullens VS Bentlys Wife Swap by 123456123456
Cure For Pain by Zephyersky 
Cursed Kisses by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Cursing Fate by Calliope Jones 
Cursive by Phoebe44 
Cutlass by TKegl   
Cygnet by Write Sisters aka FoolForEdward   


Daddy’s Little Angel by PrettyKittyArtist
Daddy’s Little Girl by bighair83
Dakota Skies by maryhell 
Dancing Away With My Heart by Twiddler83
Dancing In The Dark by jaxon22
Dancing In The Moonlight by ReddTwilight
Dangerous by 2Kay14
Dangerous Affections by wishimight
Dangerous Attraction by Minealoneedward
Dangerous Corporate Liaisons by coachlady1
Danna Guy and Geisha Girl by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Dark Descent by ExquisiteEdward   

Dark Possession by lambcullen
Dark Velvet by cristinaN
Darkening Dusk by meimei42
Darkness by cherry.blossomz
Darnay Road by counselor   
Dating Fame by SoaneLucy13  
Day of Doom by 06misscullen
Daylight by segolily
Dead On My Feet by Cesca Marie 
Dead On Target by Emotion Masen   
Dearly Departed by lambcullen
Decoy by 107yearoldvirgin 
Deep In The Heart by amoredjenaue 
Deep In The Heart Of Me by counselor 
Deep Six by RuthlesslyYours   
Deep Wounds by quietdrabble
Definition by Rosalee Lorraine
Delight, Delectation, Divine by snshyne
Denial by bronzehairedgirl620
Deprivation by Nikkipedia
Desire by Jayeliwood
Desire by Oriana de la Rosa
Destination by Nikkipedia
Details by lambcullen
Devil’s Angel by ObsessingOverEdward
Devil’s Bride by shmyshmy
Devil’s Pitchfork by 1Blue25 aka TAFKA1B25
Diary by snshyne
Diary of Finding The Perfect Guy by openlystaind
Dickity Outtakes Futuretakes and Under Takings by FictionFreak95
Died And Gone To Heaven  by DoUTrustMe   
Dinner Reservations by quietruby
Dirty by Jayeliwood
Dirty Little Secrets by SunshineGal3
Disaffected by smellyia
Discommode by ooohlalaaa
Disintegration by meimei42
Disturbia by Adoration of an Enigma
Divinity by booboo.kitty2.0 
Do Not Breathe by Robin deLynn
Do You Remember Me? by kurbyjoon 
Doll Parts by a nyr byrjun
Dominant’s Creed by ExiledEddie
Don’t Answer It by ronOReds
Don’t Believe Everything You Read by IThinkINeededThat
Don’t Forget To Remember Me by OliviaMK1218 
Don’t Fuc! With People That Handle Your Food by Pandora’s Box Is Heavy
Don’t Judge A Bella By Her Cover by jtmd24
Don’t Stand So Close To Me by Elyse Gaines
Don’t Take The Girl by SparklingWand
Don’t Tell Alice by InstantKarmaGirl 
Don’t Tell Peter by InstantKarmaGirl 
Don’t You Forget About Me by 107yearoldvirgin
Double Dings by Twiddler83
Double Life of the First Daughter by heavenlygolden3
Down On Main Street by Carolinacullen2012 
Down The Rabbit Hole by nashstheory
Drabbles, Ramblings, & Motley Pieces by snshyne
Dream A Little Dream by the.littlest.ingenue
Dreams Come Alive by BulletproofBabe
Dreams Come True by Phantom Of FFN
Dresser by Jayeliwood
Dropped Locks and Curtain Calls by hunterhunting
Dust to Dust by KymClark


Earn the A by ItHappened
Earnest by letmesign
Echoes of You by Rosalee Lorraine
Eclectic Tastes by texasbella   
Edible Delectables by ChrystelleBelle 
Eduardos Lessons of the Sexing by ninapolitan
Edward by twilight 4eva kitten 

Edward Cullen, Weatherman by Melissa228
Edward Cullen’s Shower by u2shay
Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm 
Edwards Day Off by Adoration of an Enigma
Egging On and Jerking Off by Nikkipedia
Eiffel Tower Morning by Sebastien Robichaud
Eiffel Tower Serenade by Sebastien Robichaud
Eight Days a Week by 107yearoldvirgin 
Electric Christmas Lights by hmonster4
Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik 
Embodiment by Cullen312
Emotional Ties by Enigma Lynne
Empire State of Mind by belladonna1472
Empty Panes & Pretty Things by AydenMorgen
Enchanté by rpgirl27
End Island by xlavendermoonx  
Endless Night by blueeyedcherry
Escape: The Pina Colada Story by 13.shimer.13
Esme’s Secret by bighair83
Everlong by SydneyAlice
Every Sound Below by Maddux
Examination by Jayeliwood
Expectations of Success by LASMKE
Explosive Encounters by dlpash and shadowcat2009
Exposure by RandomCran & MorganLocklear 
Extrication In Ink by lambcullen
Eye Contact by Silver Sniper Of Night
Eye of the Beholder by savannavansmutsmut 


Facebook and Msn… Twilight Style! by _JacobBlacksBitch_
Faerie Wings and Bitchboots by theladyingrey42
Fairytale by CandyTwi
Faith in You by Jasper’s Izzy
Falling Away With You by Shadowed by Passion
Falling Tears by ammNIwriter
False Love and A Life In Lies by Adair7
Family Tree by btwnthestacks
Fangirl by MaverickWrit
Fantasy Suite Obsession
by clpsuperstar

FAP by 107yearoldvirgin 
Faster Than My Bullet by EdwardsBloodType
Fatal Crash by TrickeyTricky
Fate & Forgotten Secrets by snshyne
Fate Leads The Willing by u2shay
Fated Crimes and Borrowed Time by dixierose21
Feathers by Jayeliwood
Feral Blood Saga by Blood Of Your Lips aka BloodCinnamon 
Fighter by 1s2a3r4a5h
Fighting the Feeling by xxnaley23xx
Fights Like A Girl by katie marieeee
Finding Bella by Ekimmuh 
Finding Fate by Red20881
Finding My Place by antiaol
Finding My Thunder by counselor   
Finding Sunshine by anhanninen   

Finding The Truth by aej325
Fire and Rain by SydneyAlice
First Blush by tby789
First Edition by lambcullen
First Impressions by Discordia81 
First Kiss by Jayeliwood
Fix You by chocaholic123   
Fixing Bella by CullensTwiMistress 
Fixing Fanny by 107yearoldvirgin
Flamenco Fire by lizzylillyrose   
Flatline by TrisLu
Fly Away Love by PrettyKittyArtist
Follow You by ExiledEddie
Football Widow by Ms.MayCullen23
For Love or Money by owenic
For Reenesme by Minealoneedward
For Sale By Owner by ninapolitan   
For The Birds  by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
Forbidden Attraction by SunshineGal3
Forbidden Desires by nashstheory
Forbidden Love by 13WolfGirl13
Forbidden Soulmate by Emotion Masen
Forbidden To Remember, Terrified To Forget by ileftmyscar
Forever by Adoration of an Enigma
Forever & Always by Lani aka Bubbles
Forever Isn’t Quite What I Expected (CxM) by IThinkINeededThat
Forever Isn’t Quite What I Expected (JxB)
by IThinkINeededThat

Forever Mine by 107yearoldvirgin
Forgive Me, Father, For I Will Sin by AngelGoddess1981   
Forgotten Love by kat07cullen 
Fortune’s Fool by Skeezon
Four Summers by Bratty-Vamp
Fourteen by crimsonmarie 
Fractured by DefinatelyStaying
Frailty by meimei42
Frenemies by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Fresh Meat by luvrofink/mspacman1
From Wallflower To Butterfly by idealskeptic   
Frontline by MissAlex   
Frustrated by Jayeliwood
Frustrated Satisfaction (Addicted Outtake) by lizzylillyrose
Full Circle by Circe290
Full Disclosure by Betty Smith 
Full Moon by 1915rosaliehale1933


Gates of Eden by Adair7
Geek Squad To The Rescue by 4theluvofmary aka creampuffsteph
Generational Sins by TwilightDarkness82 
Ghosts Under Rocks
by nightinnantes

Gilded Cage by MissAlex 
Girls Night Out by luvrofink
Give a Little by The Little Wise Owl
Giving In To Temptation by jaxon22   
Glycerine by Livie79   
God Only Knows by Nikkipedia
Going Commando by Ms.MayCullen23
Going Down? by TexasKatherine 
Golden Wish by EternalBella 
Good Vibrations by 107yearoldvirgin
Graceful by Jayeliwood
Grasping Reality by heavenlygolden3
Grave Intentions by ss10
Gravity by Nightshade aka RacketGhost
Graze The Green Grasses by Jonesn aka jonesn353402   
Green by Bratty-Vamp
Green Eyed Monster by 107yearoldvirgin
Green, Red, Gold by Segolily
Grey by Adair7
Guarding Bella Swan by coachlady1 
Guarding Isabella by lindsay520   

Guarding My Life by stavanger1
Gynazole by Mrs.TheKing 
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by 107yearoldvirgin


Had Never Thought
by Techie.freq   
Half Truths and Full Circles
by Admittedly Obsessed 

Halfway To Anywhere by SydneyAlice   
Hand Me Down by Hope4more
Hands Open by Nikita2009
Happy Anniversary, Jasper by sue273 
Happy Feet by Magnolia822
Hard Hats and High Heels by twinerdforlife
Hard Hearted by counselor 
Harkham’s Case by scarlettplay   
Harkham’s Corner by scarlettplay 
Hatchet by PrettyKittyArtist   
Haunted by Minealoneedward
Have Mercy Baby by SexyLexiCullen
He & She by ahelm
He Saw Me by BulletproofBabe
Heartache by ooohlalaaa
Heartkiller by ayngyl22
Hearts Keeping Time by Adair7
Heat by PrincessRachael
Heat of a Blue Flame by 107yearoldvirgin
Heaven’s Grace by ReddTwilight
Held Hostage by peachylicious
Help Wanted by jaxon22   
Her Body Sings by lizzylillyrose
Her Knight by Minealoneedward
Hero by SparklingWand 
Hi Honey! I’m Home! by luvrofink
Hidden Blacks by PaintTheWalls
Hide & Seek by kharizzmatik
High Heels & Hard Drives by Sarge’s Girls   
Highshool Pastime by Freesias and Strawberries
His Grandfather’s Watch by owenic 
His Personal Assistant by NorthernLights17   
Ho, Ho, Ohh! by lizzylillyrose
Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward 
Holiday by JiffyKate   
Holiday Briefs by spanglemaker9
Hollywood Kids: Children of LA Land by SoaneLucy13  
Home by twilight 4eva kitten 
Home by Twilightaddict2007 aka Bekki5879 aka Annieb
Home Is Where My Heart Is by luvrofink
Home Is Wherever You Are by savannavansmutsmut   
Honey and Fairy Dust by 7h3.Bad.M00n.R1s1ng
Horizons by Megsly aka angelicwish
Horse Play by AngelGoddess1981   
Hot Landing Zone by HaileyCherie aka hjb2006   
Hot Leather by Magnolia822
Hot Pitch by Elyse Gaines
Hourglass by bronzehairedgirl620
Housemating Season by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
How Do You Love Someone? by Lani aka Bubbles
How Far by sparklnfade
How Soon Is Now? by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
How To Date A Movie Star by Redtini   
How To Live With A Movie Star by Redtini   
How To Marry A Movie Star by Redtini   
How To Save A Life by unholy.obsession 
How To Tame A Player by mystique-jewled   
Hunting Trips by hidingfromsomeone
Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier   
Hymens and Lousy TShirts by IThinkINeededThat


I Am A Weapon by luvrofink
I Am Batman by Twiddler83   
I Am Engaged To Bella Swan by amoet
I Caught Myself
by Tallulah Remiter

I Found Myself (In You) by A.Winchester91
I Get Off by britpacksuccubus
I Just Had To Fall by Skeezon
I Just Have To Ask by echoesoftwilight
I Just Needed You by nerac
I Know You by hmonster4
I Love College by clpsuperstar   
I Love L.A. by feathersmmmm 
I Love Mr North by walkingwithgiants 
I Only Want You For Your Body by whynot aka fatallyobsessed 
I Plead The Fifth by teamedwardalways 
I Told You You Could Do It by IThinkINeededThat
I Trust You by Minealoneedward
I Want You by TeamBella23
I Was Nobody Once by cutestkidsmom
I Will Follow You Into The Dark by SydneyAlice   
I Will Give You Strength by ReddTwilight
I Will Remember You by blueeyedcherry
I’ll Be Home For Christmas by snshyne   
I’ll Be Your Lover Too by EdwardsBloodType   
I’m Cullen, Renesmee I’m Not Emmett by DivergentVampireTributeWitch
I’m In Here by Adair7
I’m Never Far Behind by duskri123
I’m On Fire by Edward’s My Obsession 1971
I’m So Glad I’m Not Single Anymore by 13.shimer.13
Ice Cream by Nikkipedia
Ideal Husband by headbandfreak
If This Is Love by owenic
If Tomorrow Never Comes by peachylicious
If You Can’t Stand The Heat by In Love With A Crooked Smile   
If You Don’t Know Me By Now, Let Me Enlighten You by u2shay
Ily by 4kitty101 aka 4k101
Immortal by Jayeliwood
Immunity by belladonna1472
Impact by nise7465   
In A Manner Of Speaking by Momentarily Infinite aka 3547805892627482245
In Love With A Stranger by savannavansmutsmut   
In Mates by Jonesn 
In Other News by Enigma Lynne
In Places No One Will Find by CarrieCee
In Plain Sight by Dishie   
In Ruins
by Adair7

In The Clouds by SunshineGal3   
In the Land of Milk and Honey by    
In the Light of Day by TKegl
In The Name Of The Father by lizzylillyrose
In The Pines by Soleil2   
In the Shadow of the Prado by Sebastien Robichaud
In the Town of Grafton by stavanger1
In Too Deep by EdwardsBloodType
In Touch With Life by SunshineGal3
In Vain by Bratty-Vamp
In You, I Am Complete by Bbebar
In Your Arms by ReddTwilight
In Your Eyes by 107yearoldvirgin
In Your Room by jtmd24
In Your World by solostintwilight 
Indivisible by qjmom 
Indy by Jayeliwood
Infection by meimei42
Infinity by bronzehairedgirl620
Inked by ARenee363
Innocence Is Dripping Red by echoesoftwilight
Innocence Lost by lizzylillyrose
Instant HEA by 107yearoldvirgin
Instantaneous by IThinkINeededThat
Interview With A Bearpire by u2shay
Interview with the Vampwhore by SnowWhiteHeart
Intimate Ties by TellMeNoLies
Into the Dream by Jayeliwood
Into the Mystic
by 107yearoldvirgin

Into The Wild by LeahTheWeary
Into The Wild by ronOReds
Intrigue and Intimacy
by coachlady1

Is It Too Late Too Apologize? by headbandfreak
Is That What They’re Calling It These Days? by u2shay
Isabella by ReddTwilight
Isabella After Dark by OliviaMK1218 
Island Girl by ADADancer
It Came Without Warning by IThinkINeededThat
It Ends Tonight by faerie kitten 
It Had To Be You by PrettyKittyArtist
It Makes Me Wonder by 1s2a3r4a5h
It Runs in the Family by Rosalie Lorraine
It’s Complicated by Greeneyedtempartion
It’s Our Anniversary by Skeezon

Ivory Tower by ReddTwilight
Ivy League Romance Part I by ReddTwilight
Ivy League Romance Part II by ReddTwilight
Ivy League Romance Part III by ReddTwilight
Ivy League Romance Part IV by ReddTwilight


Jacarada Queen by belladonna1472
by owenic

Jar Of Hearts by sunflowersongs   
Jingle My Bella by Twiddler83
Judging Books by Savage7289   
Just A Little Game by headbandfreak
Just Breathe by anhanninen   

Just Enough Time by SunshineGal3
Just One Night by LittleMissInnocence
Just One Night by TotalEclipseOfEdward
Just One Wish by Twiddler83
Just One Of The Boys by TKegl   
Just This Once
by just_write

Just Wait by instantkarmagirl 


Kick Ass Bella Swan by Phantom Of FFN 
Kiss Me, I’m Irish
by IrishTwiFicster 
Kissed by Twilight by kit1313 
Kissing Cousins by JessiCullen92
Knock Love Out by danieller123 
Know It or Not Believe It or Not by TotalTwilightAddict aka neveragain4evernow
Konstantine by snshyne   


La Dolce Vita by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
La Morte Nera
by AydenMorgen
La Petit Mort
by houroflead

La Petite Boudoir Menage a Trois by clpsuperstar
La Push Baby by 1s2a3r4a5h
La Push’s Werewolves by 1Direction4life
L’Amore Cambia Tutto by Edward’s My Obsession 1971
L’Amore Perfetto (The Perfect Love) by IThinkINeededThat
by lambcullen

Language Means Everything by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Lapped Traffic by Jaydmommy 
Last Tango in Forks by AwesomeSauce76   
Late Night with Aro by Mrs.TheKing 
Lauren and Mister McCarty by Sebastien Robichaud
Law of Numbers by LovinRob   
Laws of Politics by zoe harris
Le Masque Fantome by bronzehairedgirl620
Leaf Dances by ShilohPR
Leah’s Relationship by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Leah’s Relationship Chapter 2 by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Lean On Me by ReddTwilight
Leaping by counselor 
Learning To Feel by owenic 
Learning To Love Myself by TKegl
Learning To Say No by ShilohPR 
Legends of the Deep by Cullensgirl90
Lessons Extracted by MissWinkles
L’Est de Calais by starfish422 
Let Me Sign by meimei42
Let Your Light Shine by lolashoes
Let’s Get Physical by Lalina 
Letter From The Heartland by FilineIsFun   

Letters From A Concrete Angel by CaraNo
Letters From War by Bonesy Babe
Letting Down The Walls by Edward’s My Obsession 1971
Letting Go by ReddTwilight
Library Rendezvous by antiaol
License To Kill by 1s2a3r4a5h
Lies Amongst The Evergreens by 107yearoldvirgin
Life, Liberty and Pursuit by aerosoldoc 
Life, Love and Lust by 13.shimer.13
Life, Love, Meaning, Over by AdriannaAJ
Light In The Dark by 5t4c3y
Lighting Up The Sky by AydenMorgen
Like Father Like Son by cullengirl09
Lips Of An Angel by Bonesy Babe
Lithium by ReddTwilight
Little Boy Lost by DefinatelyStaying
Little Bundle by ReddTwilight
Little In LaPush by A.K. Hawthorne
Little Miss Sunshine by snshyne   
Lives Crashed Together by addicted-to-romione-bedward
Living Arrangements by Zoelis9
Living Backwards by ciaobella27 
Living In A World I Never Knew Existed by 17Paramore Brand New Eyes17
Location by dixierose21
Locked On Target by Emotion Masen
London Baby! by DanceFreak22 aka xdancefreakx
London Calling by SoaneLucy13  
ong Lost Family by Lolo84 
Long Overdue by 4kitty101 aka 4k101
Long Way Down by luna raya 
Look How You Turned Out by counselor   
Looking For My Brother by SoaneLucy13
Looks Can Be Deceiving by ADADancer
Loss of Humanity by lambcullen
Lost and Found by IThinkINeededThat
Lost and Found by ooohlalaaa
Lost My Life by SoaneLucy13
Love Blooms From An Early Age by Freesias and Strawberries
Love Conquers All by 21peach
Love Happens by Minealoneedward
Love Is A Timeless Treasure by Edward’s My Obsession 1971
Love Like A Hurricane by counselor 
Love Like Winter by sunflowersongs
Love Me One Word At A Time by hopeful wager
Love Me Tender by Jayeliwood
Love Net by Lalina   
Love on Wheels by Bratty-Vamp
Love Park by Mac214
Love Remains The Same by anhanninen   
Love Remains The Same Part Two by anhanninen   

Love Story? by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Love Thy Neighbor by heavenlygolden3
Love To Lay You Down by Twiddler83
Love Within the Realms of Existence by fluffynuts
Love You Like An Arsonist by laughslikethesun
Love You Until The End by Schemering
Loved by a Beating Heart by -XCarlie.CullenX-
Loving Arrangements by Zoelis9
Lucky Strike by Twiddler83   
Lunar Eclipse by Jayeliwood


Madame Bella by Emotion Masen
Magic at Macy’s by TheBondGirls aka KlrTwiLuver 
Magically Delicious by SydneyAlice
Major by 0Skye0 aka Skyemega
Making Memories Of Us by AngelGoddess1981 
Marcus by 0D Malfoy1
Marital B tch by Jillian Landers 
Marvels of Industry by zoe harris
Masenry Ink by Jonesn   

Masquerade by ink and ashes aka 720suicide aka sdkjfskjdfhkaj
Master of Darkness by Bonesy Babe
Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon    
Maybe by 107yearoldvirgin 
Maybe I’m Amazed by alicedances2
McFearless by TeamBella23
Me and Mom Fall In Love With Edward by counselor    
Men Without Eyes by danieller123
Mi Amigo by TeamBella23
Mia Bella by cristinaN
Midnight Caller by Nocturnal Emissions 
Midnight Son of a Bitch by greeen goldfish
Milk by TeamBella23
Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar   
Mine by SuzyQSparkles
Mio Cuore by mystique-jewled
Missing You by summer35
Modern Arrangement by Saewod 
Momentous by ReddTwilight
Moments by AydenMorgen
Monkey Business by clpsuperstar    
Monsters by luvrofink
Moonlight and Mistletoe by sunflowersongs
Moonlight Sonata by SydneyAlice
More Human For You by Jayeliwood
Mouse by newlovenewhate
Moving On Without Him by txgal77 
Moving Pictures by breakfastatbella’s
Mr Hopeful by openlystaind
My Awakening by Minealoneedward
My Bad Boy by ADADancer
My Devil by ExquisiteEdward   

My Escort by Bratty-Vamp
My Esteemed Colleague by Betty Smith 
My Ex-Con by counselor    
My Favourite Mistake by Zoelis9
My Fiancé is Edward Cullen by amoet 
My Forbidden Fruit by Minealoneedward
My Girl by anhanninen   
My Heart My Home by Edward’s Eternal    

My Life, My Love, My Heart by FictionFreak95
My Life, Now by luvrofink   
My Mate by PrincessRachael
My Nightingale by Edward’s Eternal    
My Place In Line by swimom7
My Power by PrincessRachael
My Protector by addicted-to-romione-bedward
My Sunshine by Fall Down Again Bella
My Vampire Mate by IThinkINeededThat
My Week With Edward by IrishTwiFicster
My Wolf Boy by 7h3.Bad.M00n.R1s1ng
My Wounded Soldier by counselor    
My Yes, My No by lolashoes


Name by LitLover808
Naughty Times at Neiman Marcus
by antiaol
by Skeezon
Near You Always
by ebalways 

Need an Excuse by Beautiful Figment
Need To Know by Nikkipedia
Never Let Go by Gelix (To Be Published)
Never Think by ilsuocantante
Never Too Late by Jayeliwood
Never Was and Never Will Be by Purpledragonfly74
New Kids on the Block by heavenlygolden3
New Life With The Voultri by 10Fingers10Toes aka bluemornings
New York, New York by DanceFreak22 aka xdancefreakx
New York Nights by elfprincess8 
News to Me by Heartbroken1  
Next Weekend by DefinatelyStaying
Nightmare on 420 Woodcroft Street by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Nights Like These by MelissaMargaret
Nine In The Afternoon by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
No Dazzling Here by Skeezon
No Holding Back by Jayeliwood
Not Fair by 13.shimer.13
Not Intended by hearmenot
(Not So) Perfect by kassaundragrace
Note Passing with the Cullens! by a regular saint mary
Notes On His Pillow by FilineIsFun aka BoysNBooksRBetter    
Nothing Left To Love by ReddTwilight
Nothing Like This by Jen733 aka JenGreen03 aka GreenEyedGirl17
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Mind by belladonna1472
Now and Forever by amoet


Obsession by LadyTazz aka Jackson’s Cupcake 
by DevilsAdvocateWriter

Of A Certain Age by Jayeliwood
Of Another Age by Jayeliwood
Off The Beaten Path by rpgirl27   
Off The Record by belladonna1472
Officer, Please by lindsay520   
Offside by Savage7289    
Oh, Chute by Twiddler83
Okay by u2shay
Oklahoma! by krnycorn   

Old Enough by AydenMorgen    
Old Flames by WardenAmyBee
Olympic Rain and Novocain by AddiCakes   
Omens by MissJanuary 
OMG You Guys WTF? by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
On The Campaign Trail by zoe harris
On The Double by MasenVixen   

On The Run With Fifty K by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Once In A Lifetime by Queenbeth2
Once Upon A Graduation Party by Saewod
One Day by RueforRegret   
One Night by mamasutra
One Of The Boys by Lani aka Bubbles
Only Heart Matters by Minealoneedward
Only Tonight by anhanninen   

OOPS! by IThinkINeededThat
Open Fire by Twiddler83
Open Mic Night by Skeezon   
Opener vs Headliner by Saewod 
Opposites Attract by sue273 
Order of the Seers by LittleWing2 
Ornamental Faith by TwireaderAbi
Otherwise Alone by Savage7289 
Our Broken Road by FilineIsFun aka BoysNBooksRBetter 
Out Of Her Head by 1Blue25 aka TAFKA1B25
Out of Her League by Victoria Sara Cullen
Out of Sight by heavenlygolden3
Out Of The Corner Of My Eye by FluffyLiz    
Outdoor School, For Everyone by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Over and Out by 13.shimer.13
Over the Limit by socact
Over The Rainbow by sue273 
Oxford Blues by sue273 


Pacifically You by RobstenCuteness 
Pain Management by Discordia81 
Pained Screams, Eclipse Alternative Ending by Athese aka Arithese
Painful Pleasures
by DarkNnerdy
Paper Airplane
by SydneyAlice

Paper Heart by HezPixie
Parenting Skills 101
by vjgm

Paris Stars Are Blind by clpsuperstar
Passion Fish by qjmom and Admittedly Obsessed 
Past and Present by GiveUsAKiss413
Patience by theladyingrey42
Perfume and Blood by lambcullen
Peripheral by Momentarily Infinite
Permanently Etched by hunterhunting
Perseverence by Schemering
Petite Mort by dyedinwool
Phantom Love by RacketGhost
Phantom Scars by svannavansmutsmut 
Pick Me Up by ronOReds
Picture Windows by nerac
Pieces of Time by Jayeliwood
Pigtails by Tenley Einde
Pilfered by XquisiteProdigy 
Pinky Promises by PrettyKittyArtist
Pistols and Petticoats by saltire884   
Pizza by Nikkipedia
Play By Play (Offside Outtake) by Savage7289 
Playmates by ReddTwilight
Plucked by Tropical Sorbet 
Pockets Full of Stones by 107yearoldvirgin
Poison In Me by Halawia
Poker Face by SydneyAlice
Popsicles For A Vampire by ayngyl22
Popular Mechanics For Lovers by AthleticKiwi
Porcelain Heart by queenofgrey 
Porno for Pixelated People by hunterhunting
Portrait of the Artist by Mac214
Positive, Negative, Not So Sure by Nikkipedia
Possession by AngelicPoison82
Post Proelia Praemia by fantasmeqrt
Poughkeepsie by MrsTheKing 
Pounce by Derdriu oFaolain
Predator by MasenVixen   

Prelude by Jayeliwood
Premonition by Robin deLynn
Pride And Professionalism by LeahTheWeary   
Priest by Oriana de la Rosa
Primal Needs by AllIHaveIsYou
Proffer for 24 by emibella
Progress – The Original Sleep Humper Story by 107yearoldvirgin
Proposal by meimei42
Pros And Cons by SydneyAlice    
Public Relations by snshyne
Puddle Jumping by 107yearoldvirgin 
Punishment by arianawhitlock 
Purity Ring by 123456123456 aka Not promised another day



Rain Must Fall by drotuno    
Rainbow Airlines 
by maryhell   
Raising Bella by CellaCullen   
by AydenMorgen    

Real by ReddTwilight
Rebel Without A Cause
by MissAlex 

Rebirth by Jayeliwood
Recapitulation by Wickedcicada
Reclaiming Love by Emotion Masen
Recompense by u2shay
Reconnecting Roads by MidnightLove87    
Redemption by SunshineGal3
Relative Direction by Mac214
Relative Wind by Mac214
Relentless by StillDreaming85 
Relinquish by luvrofink
Remembering Yesterday by 1h2a34
Renfield and Chiclets by katinki   
Resisting Edward by ooohlalaaa
Restless to Climb by IngenueFatale
Return To Me by zoe harris
Return to Sender by Melissa228
Revelry by TeamBella23
Revenge Is Sweet by IThinkINeededThat
Rhainy Nights by LeahTheWeary
Rhyme and Reason by prettypisces
Riding the Wild by Melissa228
Righteous And Wicked by cherry.blossomz    
Ring of Stars by Bratty-Vamp
Ripple by AydenMorgen
Rising Moon by A.Pelosi
Rm w a Vu by AngelGoddess1981    
Roadtrip by beate73
Road Trip by ReddTwilight
Roar Like A Lion by counselor  
Roman Candle by nowforruin
Room 3 by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
Room For You by LeahTheWeary
Roommate by Oriana de la Rosa
Runaway For Love by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Running From Home by MaverickWrit
Running With a Red Angel by danieller123
Rupture by Peachylicious
Ruthless People by RuthlesslyYours    
Rye Toasts by Mac214


Safe Haven by Snowqueens Icedragon
Salty Wounds by bighair83
Same Time Tomorrow, Ms Swan by Savage7289 
Sanctuary by cosmogirl7481
Saved in the City of Sin by branchirps
Saving Myself by 107yearoldvirgin
Savior by twilightbyus aka LendMeYourHrt 
Say Goodbye To My Heart Tonight by Skeezon
Say It Out, WHAT? by u2shay
Scaredy Cat by bronzehairedgirl620
Scarelt Sky by 21peach
Scotch and Cigarettes by 107yearoldvirgin
Screwing Up by NeuroticMuse413 
Script Kiddies

Seattle’s Premier Dating Website by justreadme 
Second Chance by Britchick69 
Second Chances by -SaMMwaN LoVelY-
Second Chances by Bonesy Babe
Second To None by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Secret Girlfriend by ADADancer
Secret in the Dark by inthestars
Secrets are for Everyone by shmidney
Seducing Edward by ooohlalaaa
Send Me An Angel by clpsuperstar   
Sentimental Journey by btwnthestacks
Separated Self by 107yearoldvirgin
Service With A Smile by sue273 
Services with Edward by me-love-Edward
Set Fire To The Rain by SunshineGal3
Seven Sins by Jayeliwood
Seven Years by headbandfreak
Seventeen by ooohlalaaa
Sex, Distractions and Rock ‘n’ Roll by teamedwardalways 
Sex on Fire by Simone and Marie
Sex Tips & Star Trek by TKegl
Sexual Napalm by TheBondGirls 
Shackled by Mrs.TheKing 
Shadow Guardians by vjgm, qjmom and shabbyapple
Shadowy Corners of Me by antiaol
Shaky Ground by LatteLemon    
Shark In The Water by LovinRob   
Shattered and Shrouded by Red20881 
She Fcking Hates Me by clpsuperstar
She Is Love by anhanninen   
She’s Not Your Typical Cheerleader by lisadeanne
Shine Divine by stella luna sky
Shine On by sunflowersongs
Shut The Front Door Up by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Sick by Jayeliwood
Silenced Voices by maxipoo1024 
Silver Strand Nights by Jen733 aka JenGreen03 aka GreenEyedGirl17   

Simple Math by Skeezon
Sing For Me Sweet by Emily Bowden   
Single Mom by WardenAmyBee
Single Shots & Dirty Birthday Bits by TKegl
Sisters by Acacia Rose Masen
Sitting Shivah by Enigma Lynne
Six Inches by Rosalee Lorraine
Six Silent Goodbyes by vivaviva
Sixty Five Hours by owenic 
Slaves To The Moon by Skeezon 
Sleep Talk by newlovenewhate
Sleepers, Awake by Feisty Y. Beden aka feistyyoungbeden 
Small Town Gossip by LASMKE
Smoky Rooms and Hardwood Floors by busymommy 
Snapdragon by prettykittyartist 
Snide and Prejudiced by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Snow Day by SydneyAlice
Snowbound by Edward’s Eternal    
So This Is Progress by katie marieeee
So, Um, Yeah, I Lied by u2shay
So What If I’m Single by Phantom Of FFN
Social Studies by Lolo84   
Soft by TeamBella23
Solace by SydneyAlice
Sold by RealityShowJunky
Something More by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
Something More by theladyingrey42
Something New by Adoration of an Enigma
Somewhere Between Crimson and Blue by antiaol
Sonata by DefinatelyStaying 
Songbird by SydneyAlice 
Songs of Her by antiaol
Souls Laid Bare by Adair7
Source of Love by Melissa228
Southern Charm by WardenAmyBee
Southern Comfort by JiffyKate    
Southern Cross by MellieB40
Southern Honey by Twiddler83   
Southern Nights and Fireflies by bronzehairedgirl620
Speculations by 13.shimer.13
Spinebreaker by EdwardsBloodType
Spirit to Flesh by LittleWing2
Stampede of a Thousand Pulses by ss10
Stand In The Rain by Eevy Angel
STANDOFF! by 1Blue25 aka TAFKA1B25
Starshine by lizzylillyrose
Stealing Bella by Violet Bliss   
Steamy Windows by BettiGefecht 
Steel Horses and Resonating Rapture by Melissa228
Stitches and Scars by Bittenev 
Stockholm Syndrome by Twiddler83
Stoli & Sexpenders by TKegl
Stop, Drop and Roll by bronzehairedgirl620
Storm Warning by SydneyAlice    
Stranded by antiaol
Strange Bedfellows by The Bouquet
Strange Brew by Magnolia822   
Stranger Than Fiction by MasenVixen   
Strawberry Wine by SydneyAlice

Strings by TKegl
Stripped Bare by SydneyAlice   
Strong As Death by JessiCullen92
Student Body by Jayeliwood
Stupid Teasing Vampires by Jayeliwood
Sub Plans by SnowWhiteHeart 
Submissive Sin by ExiledEddie
Such a Goddamn Temptation by 4everintwilightxx
Such A Pretty Girl by the indifferent child of earth
Sugar by antiaol
Suggestive Minds by Mac214
Suicide King by RacketGhost
Summer Ashes by ExiledEddie
Summer Sun by ItHappened
Sun, BFF’s and Love in LA by SoaneLucy13  
Sunlight by NikkiB1973
Superstition by FictionFreak95
Surprises in the System by Melissa228
Surrendered by eviekinz
Surviving Bella by Savage7289    
Sweet Escape by Jayeliwood
Sweet Lullabies by Oriana de la Rosa
Sweet Thing by LaViePastiche
Sweetheart by 123hollay97 aka BBBBBBLLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHH
Swim Tadpole, Swim by Scarlettplay 
Swimming Against the Tide by pbswimmer 


Table 10 by JiffyKate 
Take The Cake
by sandyk199 

Taken by 17books17fav
Taking Chances by faerie kitten 
Taking You Home by Hope4more
Talk Hard by Adair7
Tangled Web Book I: School Daze by la reine creole 
Tangled Web Book II: College Haze by la reine creole
Tangle Web Book III: Full Circle by la reine creole
Tangled Webs by SydneyAlice
Tastes Like Suicide by zombie’s run this town aka anythingzombie
Tattooed In Black by footroza 
Teach Me A Lesson by Nikkipedia
Teardrops On My Guitar by Freesias and Strawberries
Technical Difficulties by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
Tell Me by InstantKarmaGirl 
Ten Feet Under by CaraNo
Ten on Christmas Eve by MaverickWrit
Tennis Balls and Sports Bras by krnycorn   
Tension by Ta Paixao    

Tethered by Jonesn aka jones353402 
Thank God for Vermont by robpat
Thankful by SydneyAlice
That Damn Bed by Bonesy Babe
That Girl by u2shay
The Absence of Sound by xsuperstardustx
The Actor’s Circle by socact
The Age of Innocence by pattyrose    
The Alibi by belladonna1472
The Anniversary Gift by Jayeliwood
The Anticipation of Esme by EdwardsBloodType
The Apology by LASMKE
The Apprentice by 84gemstone
The Arrangement
by LustraLex
The Arrangement
by manyafandom

The Artist by bronzehairedgirl620
The Babysitter by addicted-to-romione-bedward
The Battle by 13WolfGirl13
The Bear by Lady Gwynedd
The Bella Swan Diaries by ninapolitan
The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp   
The Best Part by sunflowersongs
The Best Things In Life Are Unexpected by u2shay
The Bet by Minealoneedward
The Betty Chronicles by Emily Bowden 
The Billionaire Bum by Deavlynn aka TwilightDarkness82 
The Black’s Children by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
The Body Artist by quietdrabble   
The Bodyguard by Jayeliwood
The Boy by the Window by hopefulhappenings09
The Boy, The Boyfriend and The Ex by hidingfromsomeone
The Brides by Jayeliwood
The Brightest Star by chocaholic123   
The Broken Lullaby by vivaviva
The Business of Being Betrothed by Saewod
The Caged Bird Sings by suzie55 
The Canonical Five by EchoesofTwilight
The Canvas by Twiholic
The Christmas Surprise by Jayeliwood
The Cliff by RobstenCuteness 
The Cliffs of Dover by rpgirl27
The Cliffs of Icarus by greeen goldfish
The Companion by SamRosey
The Confession Stand by EdwardsBloodType
The Cootie Conspiracy by IThinkINeededThat
The Course of True Love by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy
The Cove by heavenlygolden3
The Coven by phoenixhunter47
The Creep by GrangerDanger112
The Cullen Campaign by belladonna1472   
The Cullen Sutras by Magnolia822
The Daily Grind by letmesign
The Dark and Windy Road by Elyse Gaines
The Dark Prince by AutumnButterflylives 
The Dark Prince and the Three Kisses by Jayeliwood
The Darkest Poison by Laughs like the sun
The Debt by DelphiusFanfic 
The Debt by Ta Paixao    
The Demons In My Dreams by littlecat358  
The Devil’s Hypnotist by WindowWardsGirl
The Dirty Thirty by Hoodfabulous    
The Disillusioned by PhoenixRising25
The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven 
The Dominant by tara sue me    
The Dress by Redtini    
The Education Of Professor Cullen by sheviking    
The Effect of Fondness by DeeDreamer
The Elevator by Ms.MayCullen23
The Empty Bag by krnycorn   

The Evolution of Colours by BringAttentionToTheMatter
The Ex by ceceprincess
The Extras for 1929 by deb24601
The Famous Lives by ADADancer
The Fan by pears13
The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease
The Fire In Our Hearts by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
The First Four Years: A MFIEC Novella by amoet
The Forbidden Room by DefinatelyStaying 
The Force That Drives Him by FictionFreak95
The Friend Zone by sunflowersongs   
The Gardener by Rosalee Lorraine
The Gentleman from Washington State by Betty Smith 
The Gift by mamasutra 
The Girl by dolly3078 
The Golden Apple of Discord by IvoryAdulation 
The Golden Giants Tour by walkingwithgiants    
The Great Christmas Fight of ’09 by ExiledEddie
The Halloween Fair by Jayeliwood
The Heir by prayerforthewildatheart    

The Hills of Twilight by antiaol, Melissa228, ScarlettLetters & TaraSueMe
The Hint of a Spark by antiaol
The Hostage by ebalways
The House at Raven’s Hollow by antiaol
The House That Built Me by 1s2a3r4a5h
The How To Guide by stavanger1
The Hunter & The Hunted by URmylifenow11111 
The Hunter’s Heart by Kayleigh Cullen1918 
The Ice Queen and Mister McCarty by Sebastien Robichaud
The iMac Fiasco by hunterhunting
The Insubordinate by Melissa228
The Lady Swan by Jayeliwood
The Lahote Family by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
The Lake House by quietdrabble
The Last Christmas by u2shay
The Last Ditch Effort by snshyne
The Last Night by Adoration of an Enigma
The Last of My Kind by faerie kitten 
The Life of Mary Alice Brandon Cullen by 12fuckedducks
The Lion and the Jackal by Lalina   
The List by Jayeliwood   
The Little Drummer Boy by SydneyAlice    
The Live In Position
by Saewod 

The Long Journey Back To The Isle by 184   
The Long Road Home by walkingwithgiants
The Long Walk Home by lulabelle98
The Long Way Home by Magnolia822
The Lost Boys by hwimsey 
The Lucky Charm by bethaboo 
The Machine Shop by angela4148   
The Maid by Oriana de la Rosa
The Man In Black by PrettyKittyArtist   
The Man In The Moon by CullensTwiMistress    
The Man In The Trailer by addict-writer aka addicted-to-romione-bedward    
The Mandatory Time Travel AU by 95Echelon
The Marriage of True Minds by AngryBadgerGirl aka McVampy   
The Merch Girl by walkingwithgiants
The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by hunterhunting    
The Monster by thimbles   
The Naughty School Girl by Breath-of-twilight   
The Neighbor Boy by ooohlalaaa
The New Girl In Forks by 2.13.kmarie
The New Girl, My Mate by twilight 4eva kitten 

The Next Chapter by Signed -K 
The Next Set of Steps by Freesias and Strawberries
The Night Watcher by Rosalee Lorraine
The Office by tby789 
The Officer and the English Gentleman by Jayeliwood
The One (Was Previously The Break Up) by ABlazingPhoenix
The One Victim Who Escaped Me by IThinkINeededThat
The Only Exception by SunshineGal3
The Other One by JiffyKate    
The Other Side of the Fence by Edward’s Eternal   
The Other Swan Girl
by JessiCullen92

The Parachutist by Camilla10 
The Parent Trap by ADADancer
The Parlor by jonesn353402   
The Passion In The Music by Bonesy Babe
The Pencil Set by socact
The People You Meet In College by Queenbeth2
The Perfect Ending by zoe harris
The Perfect Size For You by sue273 
The Perfect Trade by EternallyInLove
The Pharaoh’s Sun by Skeezon
The Plan by QuantumFizzx    
The Porcupine Embrace by houroflead
The Price of Blood by walkingwithgiants
The Private Peninsula by Melissa228
The Problem by 3todream
The Purple Heart by RobstenCuteness 
The Real Housewives of Forks by ADADancer
The Reason Is You by -Future.Mrs.Katie.Pattinson-
The Rebel by openlystaind
The Revenger by Mrs.TheKing 
The Right Diagnosis by socact
The Rules of Hollywood by suzie55
The Runaways by robsessed73
The Sacrificial Lamb by Lalina    
The Savage and the Saint by JonesnInDaHood 
The Second Time Around by anhanninen   
The Secret Of My Success by up2late 
The Secret Room by not4got10
The Selkie’s Promise by Claire Bloom 
The Sheik by hopeful wager
The Shipwreck by twilight 4eva Kitten 
The Single Game by AwesomeSauce76    
The Sins We Make by Oriana de la Rosa
The Songs of Angels by DeltaDawn’sDreams 
The Space Between by mamasutra    
The Stiletto Talisman by Mac214
The Stream by Magnolia822
The Submissive by tara sue me    
The Suitor by ceceprincess1217    
The Summer of Lethe’s Demise by GothicTemptress
The Swan Files by georgeygirl    
The Sweetest Escape by Jayeliwood
The Teen Years by Hope4more
The Tender Storm by PaintTheWalls
The Ties That Unbind by Nikkipedia
The Titanic by 12fuckedducks
The Tongue Set Free by georgeygirl    
The Tourist by belladonna1472
The Trade by ExiledEddie
The Training by tara sue me    
The Treasure Hunt by Melissa228
The Tribe: Heartless by Adair7
The University of Edward Masen by Sebastien Robichaud 
The Unknown Obstacle by twilight 4eva kitten 
The Unknown Twin by twilight 4eva kitten 
The Untouchables by RuthlesslyYours    
The Vagina Monologues by jtmd24 
The Vampire by dolly3078 
The Velveteen Mother by Krismom (Plagiarized Novel)
The Viking’s Chosen One by twilightKC   
The Vines We Weave by Twiddler83
The Wanna Be Bad Asses of Forks by 90s bby
The War Between Us by In Love With A Crooked Smile
The Wedding Marshal by IThinkINeededThat
The Weed Collector by Segolily
The Weight Of Guilt by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
The Weight Of Words by georgeygirl    
The Will by meimei42
The Wine Tasting by IrishTwiFicster
The Wingman by ninapolitan
The Winter Sand by ronOReds
The Winter Season by rpgirl27
The Wish by EdwardsBloodType
The Workshop: A Tale of Edible Delights by danieller123
The Worst of Weather by YellowGlue
The Write Stuff by IrishTwiFicster
Therapy Sessions by Jayeliwood
There’s A Crack in Everything by bellemeer 
There Is Nothing I Wouldn’t Do by IThinkINeededThat
These Violent Delights by Magnolia822
They’ve Got Brooms by GrangerDanger112
Thief of Hearts by pattyrose   
Things That Go SQUEAK In The Day by Cullen312
Thinking Of You by Zoelis9
This Fleeting Feeling by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
This Hungry World by lolashoes
This Mortal Coil by eddiescherry
This Year’s Love by ronOReds
Through The Blaze by krnycorn   

Through Your Eyes by Megsly aka angelicwish
Thump by hidingfromsomeone
Tides by lambcullen
Tilt by lambcullen
Time and Again by ooohlalaaa
Time of Salt by Scarlettplay 
To Be In Her Light by sunflowersongs
To Love Again by amoet 
  To Love and Protect by Jayeliwood
To Save A Briar by anhanninen   
To Serve Is Divine by texasbella    
Today Is Your Lucky Day by Twiddler83
Toilet Traumas by Lani aka Bubbles
Tomorrow by Jayeliwood
Too Late by Jayeliwood
Torment and Bliss by Red20881
Tractor Vibrations by Ms.MayCullen23
Trading Off by DivergentVampireTributeWitch aka Twi-Hard Tribute Witch
Tragic Turn by lisadreamer
Training Bella by TwilightDarkness82 aka Deavlynn 
Transcendence by Savage7289 
Trapped By The Sneaky Fox by kim93

Tre by Megsly aka angelicwish
Trials by ReddTwilight
Tribulations by ReddTwilight
Trip of a Lifetime by samekraemer   
Trippin, Slippin, Stumbletumblin by YellowGlue
True Love Never Fades by SunshineGal3
True Love Way by TeamBella23 
Truly Madly Deeply by Ohtheseboys
Trust In Advertising by vjgm 
Truth or Dare by -Future.Mrs.Katie.Pattinson-
Tuesday’s Gone by nerac
Turn the Page by stella luna sky
Turn The Page by SydneyAlice    
Turning Tables by jtmd24    
Turns by TKegl
Twenty Five Pieces To A Puzzle by snshyne
Twibbles Twabbles Twilight Drabbles by Nikkipedia
Twice As Long As Yesterday by hopeful wager 
Twice in a Lifetime Stranger by flamingo1325
Twisted by 13101999
Twitter Me Crazy by RosieRathbone
Two Worlds Collide by Edward’s My Obsession 1971


Ultio by 22blue & mac214 aka thnx4fish  
Under Heaven’s Skies by sunflowersongs
Under His Skin by IThinkINeededThat
Under His Skin: Esme’s Choice by IThinkINeededThat
Under The Blood Moon by Ta Paixao    

Under The Full Moon by Jayeliwood
Undercover by Enigma Lynne
Underground I Shall Break by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Underworld by LyricalKris
Unexpected by EdwardAteMyPuppy

Unexpected by ooohlalaaa
Unexpected Circumstances by Savage7289    
Unexpected Love by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Unintentional by Cullen312
Unmarried by kittensandcombatboots
Unplanned by Jayeliwood
Unravel Me by 107yearoldvirgin
Until I Truly Made You Mine by LeahTheWeary
Up In Flames by 107yearoldvirgin


Vacation by Jayeliwood
Vamarest Cry (Addicted Outtake) by lizzylillyrose
Vampire Lust, Love and Loss
by lizzylillyrose
Varying Shades of Difference
by hunterhunting

Vinyl by 107yearoldvirgin
Violet Hill by sunflowersongs
Volterra Rocks by Bethaboo
Volunteer #13 by Edward’s Eternal    
Vuvuzela’s Revenge by 1Blue25 aka TAFKA1B25


Wait Til You See My Smile by SydneyAlice
Walk Away by hidingfromsomeone 
Walking Away by Jayeliwood
Want No More by Savage7289 
Wanted by Fyrebyrd    
Washed Away by Emotion Masen   
Watch and See by JiffyKate    
Watching by antiaol

Watching Waiting by Jaydmommy 
Waterfalls by SydneyAlice
Waves by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
We All Fall Down by AddiCakes
We Own The Night by BeeCute82    
We Still Linger Here by 107yearoldvirgin
We’re Going Where? by vjgm
We’re Off To See The Wizward by 107yearoldvirgin
Webs We Weave by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
Wedding Cake Traditions Gone Wrong by mistresselektra
Wedding Day by Jayeliwood
Welcome Home Bella Swan by RealityShowJunky
Welcome to Drama Academy by twilightluver001 
Welcome To Paradise by suzie55    
Welcome to Parenthood by ADADancer
What Child Is This? by SydneyAlice    
What Fills The Eye Fills The Heart by TwoTwiMoms 
What Happens In Vegas Follows You Home by Saewod 
What Have I Got Myself Into? by ADADancer
What I Want by Savage7289 
What Impossible Means by Adair7
What You Thought You Knew by hmonster4
What’s Done Cannot Be Undone by mamasutra    
Whatever It Takes by Adoration of an Enigma
When I Discovered The Magic Of Disney by 3.Hill
When Love and Hate Collide by Gelix 
When Love and Reality Collide by Gelix 
When Love Rocks The Boat by NothingWrongWithImperfection aka iamnomore12
When She Loved Me by Freesias and Strawberries
When She Smiles by sunflowersongs
When The Bow Breaks by AydenMorgen
When Will I Know by deb24601   
When Worlds Collide by JandMsMommy
Where Darkness Dwells by luna raya 
Where Is My Mind? by openlystaind
Where the Sidewalk Ends by bronzehairedgirl620
Where You Go by Jonesn aka jonesn353402
Where Will You Go by 17Paramore Brand New Eyes17
Which Way Is Which? by 1MVfan23
While We Drifted We Were One by Oohlalaaa
While You Were Gone by EdwardsBloodType
Whirlwind by BlondieAKARobin 
Whispered Words and False Promises by lambcullen
White Out by 107yearoldvirgin
Who Knew Edward Was Kinky? by IThinkINeededThat
Why Does Love Hate Me? Oh Yeah, I’m Bella Swan by _JacobBlacksBitch_
Why Don’t You Remember Me? by kurbyjoon