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Rescue Ink by gabby1017 (@gabby1017) ~ Complete

Summary: Carlisle Cullen is a pillar of the community. He’s a humane veterinarian/philanthropist who owns an animal hospital and shelter. He’s a loving husband, a devout father, and his three sons follow in his footsteps as well as on a Harley. They’re tattooed bad boys who right the wrong to protect and save. They have hearts that fall in love with the blink of an eye. Well, except for Edward.

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November 6, 2017 Posted by | 100K - 150K Words, All Human, Artist/Designerella, Bad Boy/Rebelward, Bikerward, Brokenward, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2017, Crime, Daddy/DILFward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family,, Fighterward, Happily Ever After (HEA), Martial Artsward, Medicward, Mixed POV, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Possessiveward, Rated-M, Romance, Sexual Tension, Smut/Lemons, Sweetward, Tatt/Inkella, Tattward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Oct 2017, Vetward, Violence, Wedding Plannerella | , , | Leave a comment

Angry All The Time by MeteorOnAMoonlessNight ~ Complete

Summary: Bella had it all, until she lost it. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, is it reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end?

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September 18, 2016 Posted by | 50K - 100K Words, All Human, Angst, Author Blog/Website, Break-Up, Brokenella, Brokenward, Canon, Character Death, Complete, Completed ~ 2016, Daddy/DILFward, Depression, Dirty Talking Edward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family,, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Illness/Disease, Miscarriage/Stillbirth, Mixed POV, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Obsession, Outtakes, Rated-M, Reunion, Romance, Sickella, Smut/Lemons, STARS Library, Tissue Warning, Top Ten Completed Fics - Aug 2016, Tragedy | , , , | Leave a comment

Nobody’s Little Girl by HelloElla (@HelloElla90) ~ Complete

Summary: A billionaire couple searches for their long lost daughter. A lonely, troubled young man finds and gives refuge to a homeless girl with no name. Paths are crossed and hearts are given, but you can’t keep what was never yours.

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February 18, 2013 Posted by | 100K - 150K Words, All Human, Angst, Brokenella, Brokenward, Canon, Complete, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Happily Ever After (HEA), Homelessella, Hurt/Comfort, Jerkward, Multi-Chapter, Olderward, Rated-M, Romance, Top Ten Completed Fics - Jan 2013 | , , | Leave a comment

You Belong To Me by Twidictedbyrd (@twidictedbyrd) ~ Complete

Summary: Edward and Bella have a toxic relationship. A tragic accident tears them apart. Can they find a way through their pain to be the couple they are destined to become?

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September 21, 2012 Posted by | 150K - 250K Words, Addiction/Substance Abuse, Addictward, All Human, Angst, Bad Boy/Rebelward, Canon, Cheaterward, College, Complete, Drama, Drugs, EdwardxBella, Family, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), High School, Jerkward, Multi-Chapter, Photographerella, Rated-M, Reunion, Romance, Smut/Lemons, Studentella, Studentward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Aug 2012, Tragedy | , , | Leave a comment

Turn The Page by SydneyAlice (@Sydney_Alice) ~ Complete

Summary: Edward Cullen returns home after ten years as a struggling musician. As he attempts to reconnect with his family and the life he left behind, he meets Bella, the owner of the town’s bookstore. Can she convince him that there’s no place like home?

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February 27, 2012 Posted by | 50K - 100K Words, All Human, Bookstore/Librarianella, Brokenward, Canon, Complete, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Famousward, Happily Ever After (HEA), Multi-Chapter, Musicward, Rated-M, Romance, Smut/Lemons | , , | Leave a comment

His Personal Assistant by NorthernLights17 ~ Pulled

Summary: Bella Swan, personal assistant to handsome, rich, successful Edward Cullen, decides to take her friends advice and make her oblivious boss fall in love with her.

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February 20, 2012 Posted by | 150K - 250K Words, All Human, Angst-Free, Assistantella, Canon, CEO/Bossward, Complete, Completed ~ 2009, Drama, EdwardxBella, Gotta Love Emmett, Happily Ever After (HEA), Humour, Multi-Chapter, POV TBC, Pulled Fics, Rated-M, Romance, Smut/Lemons | , , | Leave a comment


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