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A Ray of Sunshine by ForeverRobsessed (@CullenRobsessed) ~ Complete

Summary: He appears in her dark existence like a ray of sunshine. Can a smile glue together the broken pieces of her heart and soul? A story of loss, pain, hope and recognizing the beauty of the scars we bear.

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April 11, 2017 Posted by | 10K - 50K Words, 3rd Person POV, All Human, Angst, Assistantella, Brokenella, Canon, Character Death, Chef/Bakerward, Complete, Completed ~ 2017, Daddy/DILFward, EdwardxBella, Family,, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Infant Death, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Neighbours, Rated-M, Romance, Sweetward, Tissue Warning, Top Ten Completed Fics - Mar 2017, Tragedy | , , | Leave a comment

Goodbye Peter Pan by Bled Dry (@4ubleddry) ~ Complete

Summary: Prompted by a feeling, Alice leads the Cullens back to Forks, but ten years is a long time in a brief human life. Edward’s wish for Bella to have a nice human life seems to have been fulfilled. Bella believes that once she loved a remarkable boy, but in the end he didn’t love her. Can Edward convince her she is wrong?

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January 18, 2015 Posted by | 100K - 150K Words, 3rd Person POV, Alternate Universe, Angst, BellaxOther, Bookstore/Librarianella, Bookstore/Librarianward, Brokenward, Canon, Complete, Completed ~ 2014, EdwardxBella, Family, Former Lovers, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Infertility/IVF, Multi-Chapter, New Moon, Rated-M, Reunion, Romance, Sexual Tension, Smut/Lemons, Soulmates, Supernatural, Top Ten Completed Fics - Dec 2014, Vampward | , , | Leave a comment

Raising The Steaks by WeeKittyAndTAT (@weekitty1 @TeamAllTwilight) ~ Complete

Summary: Detective Cullen has been married to his job for a very long time, and he doesn’t ever plan to change. Bella Swan the overweight girl who gets used and tossed aside is his favorite waitress. Can they make more out of this than friendship with benefits, or will she send him away when she decides she wants more?


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March 31, 2014 Posted by | 10K - 50K Words, Abuse, All Human, Angst, Bartender/Waitressella, Best Friendward, Brokenella, Bullying, Canon, Complete, Cop/Agentward, Crime, Daddy/DILFward, Drama, Edward's POV, EdwardxBella, Friends With Benefits, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Hurt/Comfort, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Olderward, Plus Size/Curvyella, Possessiveward, Rated-M, Romance, Smut/Lemons, Sweetward, Top Ten Completed Fics - Mar 2014, Trainer/Instructorward, Uniformward | , , , , | Leave a comment

Chunky Monkey by afragilelittlehuman (@kfwritesbooks) ~ O/S

Summary: Will a chance meeting with an old friend and a pint of Chunky Monkey make Bella’s day better or worse?


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June 4, 2013 Posted by | <10K Words, All Human, Angst-Free, Assistantella, Canon, Complete, EdwardxBella, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Humour, One Shot (O/S), Rated-M, Reunion, Romance, Smut/Lemons, Sweetward | , , | Leave a comment

Fast Track To Love by WeeKittyAndTAT (@weekitty1 @TeamAllTwilight) ~ O/S

Summary: Professional race car driver Edward “Masen” Cullen finds something he never wanted—one day at the racetrack. Can this jaded speed demon, change the life of a girl he shouldn’t even associate with? What happens when Edward finds himself falling for a girl transitioning out of foster care and group home life?

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April 6, 2013 Posted by | 10K - 50K Words, Abuse, All Human, Angst, Brokenella, Canon, Complete, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Famousward, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Olderward, One Shot (O/S), Racerward, Rated-M, Romance, Smut/Lemons | , , , , | Leave a comment

Falling For You by Jen733 aka JenGreen03 aka GreenEyedGirl17 (@JenGreen03) ~ Complete

Summary: Bella Swan has gone through crappy date… after crappy date, causing her to lose all hope for a good guy. Until she meets Edward Cullen, a divorced father of two. They have an instant connection when they meet, but will love come easily for them?


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June 13, 2012 Posted by | >250K Words, All Human, Angst, Architectward, Canon, Complete, Daddy/DILFward, Divorceeward, Drama, EdwardxBella, Family, Friendship, Happily Ever After (HEA), Medicella, Mom/Pregnantella, Multi-Chapter, Nursella, Olderward, Rated-M, Romance, Single Fatherward, Smut/Lemons, Sweetward | , , , , | Leave a comment


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